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Backup your full history with a simple click

Export your complete Trengo history, including all conversations, attachments, notes and contacts. Never loose precious customer data again!

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97% of Trengo users never backup their tickets

Tickets, private notes, attachments, contacts... There's so much to download and it is so cumbersome to do by hand.

Trengo explicitly warns you must make backups!

Trengo explicitly mentions that you are responsible for your data backups

Clicking manually on each ticket to download


Struggle to backup


Leaving without a backup

Let's see how TicketTakeout helps you in 1-2-3

We built TicketTakeout to help you export and save your precious customer conversations. Here's how it works.



You signup and pick one of our packages depending on your needs.



You fill in your Trengo API key and let TicketTakeout do the rest.



You securely download your ZIP file with your entire Trengo history.


Save hours of downloading tickets — backup your history!

Team Chat

Take out your team chat conversations in a single click. No more manual downloading and saving.




  • All team chat conversations and files
  • Including private chats
  • Easy to import in Excel
  • Downloadable ZIP file
  Backup now!

Pay once. Access forever.


Full package

Take out the full history of Trengo in one click. No more manual downloading and saving.




  • All tickets and team chat conversations
  • All notes, attachments and contacts
  • Full history
  • Multiple file formats
  • Easy to import in Excel
  • Downloadable ZIP file
  Backup now!

Pay once. Access forever.

A testimonial from a happy customer

I was looking for a simple solution to export all our conversations.

Computers are not my thing, and I was afraid I would mess up the process.

TicketTakeout nailed the job perfectly. I'm very pleased with the results. We switched to a new system, and I was able to export all our conversations without headaches.

Nadia M.
Customer service manager at N.K.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer to your question, drop us a message.

  • TicketTakeout is a service that allows you to backup and export your complete Trengo history, including all conversations, attachments, notes, and contacts, quickly and easily.

  • Since the recent price increase, we have been getting a lot of requests from people who want to switch from Trengo. Our advice is to backup your complete Trengo account as soon as possible.

    🚨 We provide a special discount for people who want to switch from Trengo to another provider: TRENGOSWITCH10 🚨

    If you want us to help you import that data into another CX provider (Zendesk, Dixa, ...), let us know via [email protected].

  • Yes, your data is completely safe. We employ rigorous security measures to ensure your data's safety during the backup process. After downloading your ZIP file, we remove all your data from our servers.

  • The time it takes to make a backup largely depends on the chosen plan and the amount of your ticket history. You can assume to have a full backup within 24-48 hours, depending on the rate limit imposed by Trengo. You can always check the progress in your dashboard.

  • You will get a downloadable ZIP file that contains a year's worth or the full history of your conversations, notes, all attachments, and contacts, depending on your chosen plan. The data can be read by any text editor, imported (if supported), analysed, ...

  • No, you don't need any special software to use TicketTakeout. Your data will be provided in a easily downloadable ZIP format that can be opened on any device. You will only need a (temporary) API key, which you can generate in Trengo. A video tutorial will guide you through the process.

  • We are working hard on supporting more CX providers next to Trengo.Let us know which provider you will like to see!
  • Of course — caring for our customers is our top priority. If you have any problems or questions, please reach out to us at our customer service line or email.

Take back what's yours

Get a complete export of all your Trengo conversations, attachments, private chats, documents, notes, contacts, custom fields, ... in a single click!

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